10 great things about narcissists.

Lucky Otters Haven

1. You will never be bored because of all the drama they provide!


2. They can be a lot of fun when they’re reeling you in.


3. They can hone your spelling skills! I probably wouldn’t know how to spell narccisistnarssistnarcisist narcissist if I wasn’t so inspired to write about them all the time.


4. They generated renewed interest in old movie classics like “Gaslight” and “The Wizard of Oz.”


5. You should be flattered they have chosen you to be their source of supply.


6. If they didn’t exist, those of us who write about them would have to find something else to blog about.


7. They test our anger management skills!


8. They are always full of surprises!


9. Their delusions can be hilarious.


And finally (on a more serious note):

10. They can teach you things about yourself (once you have disconnected). In fact, they…

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