My “rescuer” complex.

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I was waiting to post about this until I talked to my therapist about it tonight and I’m glad I waited because of what I found out about myself.

Since I was a teenager, I’ve had this “rescuer complex.” Let me explain what I mean by that, because it’s complicated. I also think I finally know why I’ve been this way for so long.

Over time, I’ve realized that almost every single man I’ve become either seriously involved with (that includes my marriage) or fell in love with (even if it was one-sided) has been either a narcissist or antisocial, and very often they were both. (There were two outliers–a therapist who I developed an intense and painful crush on, and another guy who was either bipolar or had BPD).

I don’t know how I could discern a potential date’s character at the time I met them, but somehow I…

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