The Narcissistic Path- Pt 2

Knowing the Narcissist


The golden period has ended. That exciting, dizzying and wonderful time which can range from months to maybe even years in some rarer instances, has concluded and your course along the narcissistic path continues as we enter the Devaluation Period.

  1. Devaluation Period – The Stranger Zone

This is your first clue that things are not as they once seemed. This is when we are not out and out abusive towards you but instead there is a distance, a coldness and a detachment which leaves you puzzled, mildly concerned but not overly worried. You may ask if we are alright, if anything is the matter and you will be fobbed off with denials that there is anything to be concerned about. You may be told that we are tired, have too much on at work or are pre-occupied with something else.

In truth we are dealing with the fact that your…

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