I Want You to Want to Live




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SUICIDE….Catch your attention yet? It’s a shame if it didn’t because the actions most certainly will.

The rate of suicide is on the rise worldwide in all age categories. It affects all ethnicities, cultures and religions.

 It is bias free.

It is a last resort, a desperate attempt to quell the never ending and relentless pain that monopolizes your mind. It has become the only feasible way to rid yourself of the burdensome weight that has dragged you to this level of despair.

That is how I feel anyway, the countless number of times I have and do fall into the darkness, and because I can empathize, take a minute to read this letter to you.

Dear You.

If you are reading this there is a small piece of you that wants to hold on.

I am so proud of you for reaching out…

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10 thoughts on “I Want You to Want to Live”

  1. I want everyone to want to live and loved the post! I love life – it is beautiful – I wish I could take other’s pain from them, but do not process emotions the same as others so I am anomaly but like how you have this here for those that would struggle as I certainly think that is my largest fear that others get hurt as most people could not take it – the pain under the emotions directed to me personally was a desire to be known and anger and frustration related to such – as I feel other’s emotions, I have a large threshold but can honestly say that I know how the other feels but am blessed to be able to release it and forgive and ask for forgiveness as well as my presence was not intended to upset anyone – just my personal take for other stumblers on this blog who may read the same words 🙂 Suicide is not the answer. Ever.

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  2. HG is this you ?? im not sure. If yes Hope you are okay..?? life is beautiful. Soccer, drinking out, fish and fries, .. Wise words from your new friend Sarah… life in a different way is the solution.

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